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Shoaf & Weatherwax Family - Family Session

Stop what you're doing because this family session is something that needs to be seen by everyone! I met up with Lindsay, Nathan, and their family Saturday evening to photograph them & boy oh boy, did they NOT disappoint. I couldn't even begin to start with saying how amazing this entire family was & how much of a true joy they all were to hang out with. I can't get enough how much it means to me when families I photograph treat me as their own & that's exactly how Lindsay's crew welcomed me.

As soon as I stepped out & met everyone, an instant relationship was made & the kids couldn't stop cracking jokes. It's not a real family session if there aren't any jokes or dancing going on. Oh, and don't forget the hugs. Lots & LOTS of hugs. I'm a huge fan of those & these kids knew exactly what & how they wanted to pose in front of the camera (and off too) so I hardly had to do any kind of directing. My kind of job - easy peasy!

Shooting sessions during the summer months, storms are always a possibility & we crossed all of our fingers praying the sun would stay out just long enough for us to do what we planned to do. Thankfully, we had zero rain & a nice, light breeze to help keep things cool. We ended the session with a surprise "Happy Birthday" to grandma (literally) who finally found out that this entire session was her birthday gift from the family. How crazy awesome is that!? I'm so ecstatic I was able to be a part of such a special moment with them. The entire evening was a hit from start-to-finish & I have loved capturing this amazing family!

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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