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Brennan Young - St. Mary's Senior Session - Class of 2018

I've known this guy for over 15 years now & I cannot believe he is already graduating this upcoming year! Brennan is in his final year of high school but his senior session looks like something out of a fashion magazine. I honestly am not sure what is going on but all of my seniors this year are looking so GROWN & I am not complaining. From the way they carry themselves to the way they dress, they are looking like they have their lives together more than I do. What's going on here?

Brennan completely knocked it out of the park (as usual) with his session & it was so hard to pick the highlights from this evening. He's a straight ladies' man! Seriously, they are all #SeniorSessionGoals. I'm beyond excited to hand these off to him! Congrats Brennan on your final year of high-school. Keep killing the game bud!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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