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The Prohaska Family - St. Mary's Session

If they were giving out awards for the cutest families, I'm MOST positive that the Prohaska family would snatch up every single one! I have never had so much fun on a family session this year than with these guys! Literally. I may not be able to quite tell Madison & Natalie apart but I do know one thing: these little chunky monkeys have stolen my heart! They were able to get in a quick power nap before our session & quickly built up the energy for some playtime & running around for the session. As a portrait photographer, you just never know how family sessions are going to go with small children but so far, I've been able to hang out with some of the coolest kids on this of the river.

While we all hung for a bit, we let the girls run off some more of their rambunctious energy (not literally, they had a babysitter on hand so not entirely alone. We aren't terrible people.) while I snuck away with Maureen & David for some quick photos of just them two. I immediately saw that they still both had the same feelings for each other as they did on their wedding day & that just made their little "couple session" even more magical. It's as if their daughters had added even more love to their family, which was very easy to notice.

Twins are hard to keep track but in the end, they undoubtedly add even more love & warmth into the families they're in; just what we all need for this time of year! I LOVED everything about this session & I hope you all do as well.

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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