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Morgan & Adam - An Avenue, MD Wedding

There is absolutely nothing better than a summer wedding y'all, BUT when it's a wedding where emotions are running high, the summer vibes are strong, and all of your close family & friends come to help celebrate with their incredible partying skills, it's without a doubt a wedding for the books! And that's EXACTLY the kind of wedding Morgan & Adam had!

Back when I first met up with these guys, I could immediately tell I was going to have a complete BLAST throughout their entire wedding experience. And boy, was I right! Morgan & Adam are hands down some of the SWEETEST people you'll ever run into, should fate allow. They will both go out of their way to help those in need & to top it all off, they've both got some pretty SICK dance moves! But honestly though y'all, no wedding is officially a wedding without the cake cutting & the infamous cake smash. Needless to say, Morgan & Adam OWN the ultimate cake smash I've EVER captured. Don't believe me? Scroll down to see the action, moment by moment. Literally. #2Legit2Quit

In fact, their wedding reception is one of the best ones I've been to yet for this year. Not only were Morgan & Adam breaking down on the dance floor but their entire family and all of their friends were making MOVES! I mean, just see the images below if you aren't a believer. #WurkItTwerkIt

I get so giddy with excitement whenever I'm asked by a new couple to help celebrate in their big day, not only because I'm capturing those special moments but mostly because I get to add new friends into my life that I'm so blessed to hang with! How awesome is that?

So I'm very excited to finally share these images with them. And I'm sending off another HUGE congratulations to them! Congrats y'all! You're finally MARRIED!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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