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Belinda & Tom - A Southern Maryland Session

Have you ever wondered what Hollywood celebrities looked like in real life? Well Belinda & Tom brought classic Hollywood vibes straight to the KWP blog & I am ALL for it! Seriously, how INCREDIBLE do these two look?! And even more so, their personalities shine even brighter than their outfits & rides they're sporting in their engagement session.

Tying the knot in February 2021, Belinda, Tom, & I all finally had the chance to hang out for their engagement session & to celebrate their soon-to-be wedding within the next several, upcoming months. With hairspray in hand and some ice-cold water to cool things down (this evening was supa hot & thic tbh), we had some of the best summer light of the season on top of it! I mean, it also didn't hurt that they both looked like complete rockstars, amirite?

Engagement sessions are always fantastic "previews" of how wedding days are going to go, more so along the lines of how the couples interact with each other, interact with me, & interact with the space around them. With that said, I officially have zero doubt that these guys are going to have one of the best weddings for my 2021 season. I'm all for that too! Haha Is it February yet?!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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