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The Kauffman Family - A Downtown Leonardtown Session

With Christmas fast approaching, my 2019 portrait season is starting to dwindle down with just a few more sessions left to go. But believe me when I say this, they're nothing short of sweet, magical, & full of laughter and jokes! With only a few left to go, I'm finally able to share these guys with y'all & honestly, I've had the HARDEST time choosing sneaks! Do these guys not clean up well or what?! Haha

I've known Lindsey & Chris for literally YEARS. Lindsey and her entire family are lifetime family friends of ours for over almost 20 years now & Chris is almost the same! It just blows my mind how fast time really does fly by & how GROWN up everyone is nowadays! And little diva Krae doesn't miss a beat at all either; homegirl was telling my straight-up "Kyle, take my pictures without my parents, please and thank-you" Haha

To say I always enjoy hanging with these guys is a COMPLETE understatement. I love them SO much & I love capturing these sweet moments any time our schedules allow us to do so!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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