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the kwp

Wedding Experience


Romantic.  Cinematic.  Emotive.

Wedding photography that captures your day in a way
that'll have future generations in absolute awe.

Picture This:

You send out that first inquiry email and from that moment on, we're best friends.

We start planning out the
most fun engagement session ever. We go back and forth with ideas that'll showcase your wedding in the best way possible.

The big day finally comes and we let the day unfold in the
most magical way.

Weeks later, you and your love sit together on the couch,
cold glass of wine in hand, Spotify playing in the background with your favorite, hand-picked love songs, and you two are about to relive the best day of your lives through your photo gallery.

The memories
flood back, happy tears fall, laughter ensues, and you can't wait to show everyone your new wedding photos.

Sounds Pretty Awesome, amirite?



Each KWP Wedding Collection is guaranteed to ensure that every important moment is captured. Throughout your day, rest assured that you'll be able to look back and cherish each second of your wedding, the moment your gallery is delivered. Each collection comes with a complimentary engagement session + two photographers and more.

KWP Wedding Collections begin at $5,000


Booking is EASY!


Like What You're Seeing?

If all of this sounds right up your alley and you love to party, then it must be meant to be 🥹 Have questions or eager to start the booking process? Let's get your wedding date locked down and the champagne glasses out, we've got some celebrating to do! 🍾🥂✨

To book now + inquire,
reach out at:

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