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Maggie Padilla - Leonardtown Senior Session - Class of 2019

I'm honestly now really sure what kids are eating today but whatever it is, it's making them all look like ROCKSTARS! I mean seriously y'all, my girl Maggie is stunning & her senior session is giving me all of the life possible! And I'm not even mad about it haha Once we got the music blasting, we were rolling right along, even though she was already rocking it from the beginning. I'm SO excited to get these back to her ASAP!

Maggie is interested in photography as well so it was super exciting to get to chat with her more about her artistic passion & everything she'll be able to pursue once graduating high school. Plus this time of year is PERFECT for snagging those fall vibes while still getting that gorgeous lighting & foliage. Something that will always be a main goal for each session.

All of my seniors always crush their sessions & Maggie is nothing short of amazing! From the time we started shooting, to our ending part of her session, I could already tell how well she's going to thrive once she's graduated with her class next spring. I wish her the best of luck with everything & cannot wait to see the changes she'll bring into this world! Good luck Maggie, you've got this!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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