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Ashlee & Boys - A Christmas Family Session

Talk about PERFECT timing! My cousin Ashlee, her two boys, & myself all hung out yesterday afternoon for a mini portrait session & my oh my did we strike gold! Or should I say snow! We had planned to shoot a couple images to help send out around the family for Christmas & just a few hours before we got started, the magic started happening. Thankfully, the roads were not too bad to drive on & it even started picking up as we pulled up to our session location.

And it wouldn't have been a Christmas mini-session without of course, Christmas music! Dancing on the sidelines as they took turns cheesin' in front of the camera was the only way to stay warm. Leelynd & Layne both did incredible jobs braving the weather & I may or may not have over promised hot chocolate to them. Fun fact: I do this at most family sessions so future parents, beware. Anything to get those kiddos to smile, amirite? Haha! I'm pretty sure these guys are going to be on the "nice" list this year for Santa so I say hot chocolate is definitely in due for them both, at least some cookies because I mean, we are in prime time cookie season.

It's time to hand these off to the fam bam & I'm excited for everyone to see them.

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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