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The Vathes Family - A Charlotte Hall Family Session

It's one thing to always have awesome families to hang out with & capture, but it's a whole NEW level when you hit the ultimate jackpot with lighting during those sessions too! Lighting elevates every portrait session to the next degree when everything lines up perfectly but then again, when you already have a good looking family, the session honestly doesn't require much more. Haha Don't believe me? Take a look at these stunning images of a family that I just LOVE & are proof of that!

I've known Lindsay, Nick, & their kiddos for several years now & have finally had the chance to capture ALL of the beauty that is their little family! Our families have been attending the same churches for quite some time & getting to see everyone and capturing these moments, especially their kiddos Madison & Noah who are growing up way too fast, is something I'm always cherishing. Lindsay & Nick are two of the most genuine & heartfelt people I've had the pleasure of growing a friendship with. Their love for Jesus & others is so pronounced, that anyone who comes across these two in life will instantly be left feeling overjoyed & refreshed.

I am SO grateful to have had the chance to officially photograph their first KWP family session & I know how much they'll cherish these moments as I've come to do myself. It might've been a HOT one this day, but being the rockstars that these guys are, they've absolutely CRUSHED it.

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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