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Chloe & Rudo - A Single Hill / Lion's Head Couple's Session - Cape Town, South Africa

Before I begin with getting into all of the goodness that is Chloe & Rudo's session, can we just take a moment & admire the actual name: Rudo. How amazing is that name? Seriously one of the coolest ones I've heard in a long time! Okay back to it, Candace (from Candace Nicole Photography: & I ended our trip to South Africa with ONE more portrait session & it's definitely one that fits the saying "last but certainly not least." Chloe & Rudo met us on top of Single Hill (literally saving one of THE best locations for last for our entire trip) & honestly you guys, I have never photographed such a laid back, easy going, totally-comfortable-in-front-of-the-camera couple before! These guys were a HOOT from start to finish & both Candace and I have become great friends with these guys since then (hooray for technology & social media)!

I can say a lot of amazing things about these guys but first I want to just take a minute & appreciate the total BEAUTY of our session location AND lighting. If you've been reading & watching Candace's posts on her website, you may have seen that I might've possibly shouted (she says "screamed" but I vaguely remember that.....) about the lighting. Yes. Yes I did. No shame. You guys, this entire evening was PERFECT. Our location was on top of Single Hill. Not only did this area of Cape Town point towards Lion's Head, but it literally overlooked the entire surrounding area of Cape Town & the infamous Table Mountain. Ugh, it was hands down the best session location I've ever shot at.

Back to Chloe & Rudo! When I say these two were complete naturals in front of our cameras, I 100% mean that! As soon as anyone sees their images, they automatically can feel the love RADIATING (obviously I love emphasizing words in my blogs) from the both of them & they play off of each other incredibly well. Candace & I barely had to direct them on how to stand, sit, pose because they were already doing such a phenomenal job at it!

Before I ramble on & ruin this blog with anymore nonsense, I'm so excited to finally share Chloe & Rudo's couples session!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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