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Sophie & Monty - An Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session

Way back last year, I received an inquiry email for a potential bride & groom looking for a photographer for their fall wedding of 2018 & from there it's been history with Sophie & Monty! Sophie reached out & I could instantly tell from her emails that these guys were going to be a serious treat to work with & I was NOT wrong. In fact, we've emailed each other so much from the first one back in 2017, that we now hold casual conversations through them every other week or so & I love that! I cannot express how amazing these individuals are with each other & to me and I am SO SO ecstatic about capturing their wedding in the fall.

Sweet, funny, outgoing, loving, & charming are just a FEW adjectives to describe not just Sophie & Monty, but the amazing relationship they have between each other. It's so incredible to see how much they care for one another & how easily their love shines through in real life. I honestly had absolutely zero trouble capturing it in their engagement images! And it was even better because they were SO relaxed in front of the camera, which isn't easy to do especially if you've never met your photographer until now! Haha

Our original session location fell through due to the weather forecast but we completely lucked out when Sophie recommended Old Town Alexandria. I've never been there before (shocking I know) but these guys knew exactly where all of the hotspots were & I immediately fell in LOVE. Side note: we need more alleyways & homes (the cobblestone & historic ones, not the creepy abandoned ones) in the SOMD area, no doubt! I was obsessed, to say the least.

We'll be celebrating their big day in November & I know for sure that their engagement session is a SURE sign of just how phenomenal their wedding is going to be. *insert heart-eye emoji & hand clapping emoji here* Sophie & Monty's adorable engagement session will be dropped off to them soon & I can't wait.

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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