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Alicen & Roger - A Smallwood Maternity Session

Helping new parents prepare for the birth of their newborn(s) is so exciting & I always feel so happy to help them remember their journey with a fun maternity session. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Alicen & Roger who were wanting to hang out & get some snaps of their soon to be baby boy & we all had such a blast! We were a bit worried about the weather but it actually ended up being an incredible day. Throughout their entire session, we were soaking up as much golden light as we could get & it was too good!

Alicen & Roger will be blessed with a baby boy this summer & I could immediately tell how awesome they were going to be as new parents. They've told me how they have everything lined up & ready to go, but just were trying to get through all of the sickness that Alicen is having to go through. That's definitely a super bummer but in the end, their new son will be all worth it (probably doesn't make it any better but I try to make it positive, sorry Alicen Ha!) Plus she is GLOWING so I mean, that doesn't hurt either!

It only seems fit that we held their maternity session in the spring just as everything comes to life. Their baby boy will be here soon & I hope they're able to look back at these special images & think about how blessed they're soon to be on top of everything good that has come into their lives. I loved getting to know both of them & I congratulate them on their newest addition to their family. Cheers Alicen & Roger!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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