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Chesser Family - A Hollywood Farm Family Session

Summertime always brings out the best in people & it ALWAYS brings the best kind of light that I love most: those sweet golden tones y'all! And it's just what we've been needing after the hurricane amount of rain we've been getting the last month. Haha Jonnie & Adam reached out prior about getting some "revamped" family portraits now that their girls were older. It's absolutely amazing the difference just one year can create! And in case you didn't know it before, all of these guys are phenomenal people, y'all. Like straight up some of the SWEETEST you'll ever run into. Super blessed that we've gotten closer over these last two years.

When we were choosing a spot to hold their session, Jonnie suggested to hang out on her dad's family farm that has been in their family for years! It's an SOMD treasure in their family & I'm not surprised to see why! The trees & foliage, the home, the TRUCK! Everything there is literally picture perfect! *jaw drop* There was NO doubt we weren't going to have their session anywhere else! And speaking of their family, how adorable are her parents!? #MarriageGoals

I always find so much joy in these sessions & the Chesser family is one of my favorites to catch up with & capture! Love them to pieces!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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