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Ashley & Michael - A St. Mary's Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are some of my favorite portraits to capture, simply between the love that's shared between each other & hearing the inside jokes couples have with each other. Plus it makes them even more special when we're able to hang out on their family properties that mean so much to them. Ashley & Michael compliment each other incredibly well and their engagement session is such a TEASE for their big day to come next October!

We got to hang out on Ashley's grandparents farm & it was the perfect setting! From trees & soybean fields, mixed with overgrown goodness, it was so hard to stay in one spot for only a few minutes.

And while we were in the middle of snapping, their adorable son made his way in a few of them! But I mean, how could we not include him!? This is going to be a good looking wedding party, aimirite? Haha

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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