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The Kurgun Family - A Greenwell Family Session

With spring season finally among us, my sessions haven't looked BETTER! How straight-up adorable do Renee, Aytan & their little ham of a son, Ellis, look!? We were starting to worry about the weather acting up but we struck gold with perfect weather AND temps. We were fighting back the wind a bit but all I say is that a little Beyonce stage-wind never hurt anyone! Haha And with the celebration of Ellis turning one a few weeks back, what better way to remember it than by hanging out & holding a sweet family session!

From the moment Renee reached out to me & from there on out with us chatting back and forth with each other, I already KNEW how much fun these guys were going to be! And can we please just acknowledge how stinking cute my man Ellis is!? The eyes on this boy are going to strike a lot of sweet conversations later on down the road with the ladies. Haha

SO many sweet moments during their session but I KNOW they're going to have so many more from here on out, especially with the growth of their little family. And anytime I can help my families in remembering these kinds of moments, I'm game!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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