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The Hall Family - A Southern Maryland Family Session

How awesome is it to know that a family could love something SO much that arrived in such a tiny way? Jennifer, James, & their two children welcomed the newest member of their family back in February with warm hugs, lots of kisses, & a few stinky diapers ;) These guys have been patiently waiting on her arrival & she made her debut about 6 weeks earlier than planned but nothing has stopped this princess from getting to come home!

With her arrival so early, baby Charlotte needed to be put in the NICU for the past several weeks for close monitoring & testing. She was born at 6lbs & with some very surprising news, they found out had she been delivered to full term, she would've been almost 9lbs! *gasps* Haha After six weeks of traveling up & down the roads, back & forth to several hospital visits & doctors appointments, the Hall family finally received the news they'd been waiting for!

Once we all found out that everything was okay & that Charlotte was finally able to come home, we praised God for everything He'd done for us & for their family! A lifestyle session is such a perfect way to reminisce on such an exciting time & their session is picture-perfect!

We welcome Charlotte home with open arms, a fresh warm bottle, & a family who loves her endlessly. We can't wait to see what's to come in the future!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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