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Tara & Jesse - A Southern Maryland Family Session

One of the best feelings ever is when a session finally happens! After chatting & talking over email for months, the sweet smell of session day quickly fills the air the moment my camera is pulled out. And just like that, I finally got to meet Tara, Jesse, & Aiden and capture all of their silliness right as it happened. Nothing that a simple session can ever contain though!

We used all of our willpower & blocked out the FREEZING temperatures we were experiencing that day but honestly y'all, you wouldn't even KNOW because of how awesome these guys pulled it off. Once we got to shaking things up a bit by running around, we got the blood & heart rate back up & hit up all around the St. Mary's City area.

And we can please just appreciate the vibrant colors we're still experiencing at the moment? Plus the outfits were spot on for all of the foliage. Tara ROCKED that faux fur jacket she snagged just for their session #WorkinIt

These guys are some my favorite people now & I'm so SO excited to pass along these moments.

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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