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Taylor & Steven - Pregnancy Excitement!

What brings more to joy to a family than the exciting announcement of a new addition! That's right. These two lovely people are shouting "HELLO!" to the world as they help share their love with their soon-to-be first child. And what better way to make the announcement to family & friends than with some help from GOT, otherwise known as "Game of Thrones" for those who aren't caught up to speed with today's entertainment. I've never seen an episode (shocking, I know) but I thought this was such a brilliant way to share the wonderful news.

Taylor & Steven are both great friends of mine so when I found out they were expecting their first little one, we knew we couldn't NOT capture it! We had a blast reminiscing during this session & thought about all of the new, special memories that were going to be recreated in the future. They're both going to make a fantastic set of parents. I can't wait to see their little bundle of joy in roughly nine months. How exciting!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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