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Alyssa & Mark - A Hollywood Firehouse Wedding

Okay you guys. Up until this point, I have photographed a lot of weddings & each one always seems to pull out all of the stops & let me just say that Alyssa & Mark's wedding was nothing short of perfect. I've had the privilege of knowing Alyssa & her family for several years now & when I was asked by their family to help capture their big day, I immediately agreed. Duh! How could I say no to a family who LOVES to party & have a good time?! And let's just say I was not disappointed by the LEAST bit as I was photographing it. With knowing Alyssa so well, I also had the privilege of meeting Mark for the first time too & he instantly made me realize that these two were honestly made for each other. Between their down-to-earth personalities & the adorable little family they've created, it was honestly the easiest wedding to photograph. Plus Alyssa is a stunning bride which made my job completely easy!

And as far as their ceremony goes, hands-down (with no exaggeration) literally only FIVE MINUTES! It went by so quickly even Alyssa & Mark were shocked! Before they could blink, they were married! Haha But not to worry! As soon as the reception started up, they quickly made the spare time with plenty of dancing, & lots of it!

I've always loved Alyssa and her family & now I'm proud to welcome Mark into the crazy mix too! Congratulations you guys! Guess what, YOU'RE MARRIED! Cheers *insert clinking beer mugs emoji here*

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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