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Lindsey & Chris - A Jefferson Memorial Engagement Session

Where do I even begin with these guys? To be honest, I cannot say enough good things about either one of these individuals because the list will go on & on. I've had the pleasure of knowing Lindsey & her entire family almost my whole life. Our families have all grown up together & we even all went to school together for most of our lives. It's definitely nothing short of an adventure with them anytime I meet up with either her or her other siblings (there are 5 others, so that's a wild ride waiting to happen if you've ever met them all!).

Such an incredible pair of human beings, Lindsey & Chris will literally come through & help anyone in need. With their engagement session coming up, Lindsey was looking to do something a bit more "extravagant" & I knew right then just where I had to take them! I suggested shooting their session in DC down at the Jefferson Memorial & instantaneously they fell in LOVE with the idea. The only problem with shooting in the city is having to deal with the madness of the city drivers. Literally get heart attacks every time I need to drive in it. Whoops. So to take care of that issue right away, we photographed bright & early at 7:00am! Hands-down totally worth every minute of loosing sleep! Plus, I might've stopped & took advantage of Dunkin Donuts' early hours & got everyone doughnuts.

This session is one of the steamiest ones for my 2017 season and both Lindsey & Chris are looking like straight up MOVIE STARS in every image! Not only were we thinking it, but so were a couple of tourists walking below. They were seriously trying to snag pictures of us in action!

One of my most favorite engagement sessions of all time & I am seriously feeling the heat coming off of every image! It may have been SUPER cold when we took these but they KILLED the fashion game & absolutely nailed the look we were going for. I honestly am so excited for the both of them & I cannot wait to drop off these & see their faces once they get a hold of them. Also, a huge shoutout to one of my best friends (and one of Lindsey's sisters) Katelyn for seriously doing the most & waking up to drive up with me! She's the real MVP from this session, honestly.

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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