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Kristina & Fabio - A Bo-Kaap Couples Session - Cape Town, South Africa

For our second portrait session in South Africa, Candace (from Candace Nicole Photography - & I had the chance to meet two more amazing people named Kristina & Fabio! These guys were SO friendly & were incredibly easy to hold a conversation with, making our connection that much more memorable. When Candace & I were deciding on where to have this session, location wise, we wanted to be able to do something that showed off a side of South Africa everyone would love to see! With this in mind, we instantly thought of a part of Cape Town called Bo-Kaap that's home to some of the most colorful architecture in the city. And boy, did this place NOT disappoint!

Fabio mentioned to us that the government actually funds the painting process for these neighborhoods JUST so that they will attract more tourists into the city. And we could totally see why! These buildings are just some of what you would see on any post card for Cape Town & Candace and I were loving every minute of our session in this part of town! Between all of the colors and personalities that these homes offered, mixed with the love that Kristina & Fabio were giving off, everything was just adding so much more flare to these images.

Lots of colors going on & I'm not even mad about it, so I'm super excited to hand these off to them!

Second off: Kristina & Fabio!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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