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Jennifer & James - A Firehouse & Belmont Wedding

My 2018 wedding season is already off to a phenomenal start as I celebrated & captured a very special day for our family this past Saturday. My cousin Jennifer and her now husband, James, both rocked a January wedding over the weekend & it definitely got me hyped up for my future weddings that are set to take place this year! For those who didn't know, Jennifer is my first cousin & both of our families have always been SUPER close. We all had the privilege of growing up together (and still continue to) in a tight-knit group and as cousins, we all got to witness each other succeed in huge, memorable milestones in all of our lives. When Jennifer & James became engaged, we were all shocked (mostly because we always joke with each other and give each other a hard time, I mean that's what families do, right?) that she was FINALLY going to be tying the knot! Not only were we surprised but in all honesty, we were SO incredibly excited for her.

Jennifer mentioned to me that she wanted to get married in January since a lot of couples shy away from winter weddings (which I totally don't blame them because the cold is the WORSE during this time of year.) & wanted to do something non-traditional for her day of celebration. Thankfully however, we were BLESSED with spring weather! I'm dead serious. Literally 60° & sunny the ENTIRE day y'all, in JANUARY! I was shouting to the Heavens! They got their winter wedding & I got my spring vibes. It was a paradise setting for all of us!

Jennifer & James both exchanged their "I Do's" at the firehouse in Seventh District while friends & families witnessed all of the love they share between the two of them. James is a Captain at this same firehouse so this made their ceremony location even more special. And just like with any bride's dreams for her big day, Jennifer longed to have at least one part of her wedding at a special venue. When the reception came, everyone made their way to the Belmont and helped celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives. It was definitely a full night full of laughter, dancing, & those delicious crab balls! Plus I'm almost positive some of the drinking added to the evening!

We ended the night with a sparkler sendoff as everyone congratulated the newlyweds. It was definitely a great way to start of 2018 & I am so happy to have been part of their big day, both as their photographer, a guest, & a close family member. Congrats guys, YOU'RE MARRIED!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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