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Sarah, Woody & Family - A St. Mary's Family & Engagement Session

Where there is love, a family prospers. And that's exactly what I see whenever I get to hang out with my best friend & her amazing family. Sarah, Woody, & their three children have always be so sweet to work with, but I am so honored to call them so much more than that! I have known Sarah for almost seven years now & we have become basically like brother & sister at this point. We have shared in SO much joy together & I can finally congratulate both her and Woody, as they are ENGAGED! Y'all don't even KNOW how much I have been anticipating this moment. And I'm certainly sure Sarah can vouch with me!

We met up Saturday evening to knock out a mini family session while everyone was in town for the weekend & I was so ecstatic about their news, that it was a MUST to take some sweet (and long time coming) engagement images. Now, Sarah & Woody are two people who do not like having the spot light shine on them however, me being the "brother" that I am to them, I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity! I mean, look at that ring tho! My man Woody really pulled out the stops with that one. Plus Sarah had NO idea he was proposing the night that he did. Way to go buddy!

There are not NEARLY enough kind words or actions to show how much I love & adore this family. Without a doubt, they are all kind-hearted individuals and I can proudly say that Sarah & Woody, as parents, have been incredible role models for their three children. It's been an absolute BLAST these last seven years "growing up" with them & I can only hope the fun will continue to last for the next 70! Could you even imagine that?!

Again, a HUGE congratulations Sarah & Woody! You both deserve a lifetime full of happiness, prosperity, & overflowing love. But trust me, you guys already have the love part down pat.

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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