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Parks Family - An Indian Head Family Session

The bigger the family, the more love there is. And when you're FINALLY able to pull them altogether (most of them), some of the best moments & memories always seem to appear. I met up with Charmin & her family on a very warm day but the laughter was what really brought the warmth. And you can tell just how close these guys are all to each other.

I love when I get to photograph large families because it reminds me of how close my family is with each other. When all of the aunts & uncles, cousins & grandparents are able to all finally hang out, there is seriously no better feeling. Plus, when you get grown men on a playground together with a tire swing, there is no telling what could happen! haha

There images are being sent their way SOON & I can't wait for them to cherish each moment when they look back on this session. It was without a doubt load of fun!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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