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Jodi & Andrew - A Bowles Farm Wedding

The best part about photographing any wedding is the moment you get to hand off the images to each couple. That moment they plug their thumb drive into the computer or click on their online gallery to see the memories from their big day, relived for another moment in time. That is my "why" for being a wedding photographer. Jodi & Andrew celebrated in front of family & friends at Bowles Farm in Leonardtown, MD and their day was nothing short of incredible.

In the midst of planning their wedding, they decided to write their own vows (hands down the best thing to do). Although Jodi had everyone's eye hooked on her as she walked down the aisle (stunner of a bride, duh!) but Andrew's vows were without a doubt, the tearjerker of the hour! Every word in their promises to each other spoke volumes as they read them aloud for everyone to witness. And there was not a single dry eye in the crowd! Major points Andrew!

Once everyone was able to put themselves back together, the real party started & the dance floor heated up! No matter how times I hear wedding reception songs, I can't help finding me tapping my foot while I'm snapping the guests. It happens every time! But can you blame me with a bridal party like Jodi & Andrew's? These guys knew exactly how to have a good time & that's the BEST! Plus they all had some pretty sweet dance moves. Haven't found a party yet that can't break it down hard on the floor!

All in all, it was without a doubt a magical day & both Jodi, Andrew, & their bridal party and family all looked incredible. Congrats you guys! You're finally MARRIED!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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