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Stephanie & James - An Olde Breton Inn Wedding

Summertime is full of so many wonderful things. Ice cream (priorities first), pool days, & late nights just to name a few. But one of the best things that I love about summer are the weddings I get to help celebrate during the season. The days are filled with gorgeous light (most of the time), the days are long & warm (except when they're practically an oven outside), & most importantly, these wedding days are spent being surrounded by close friends & family to help share in the love my couples show towards each other. Stephanie & James rocked their entire day & they are both Hollywood celebrities, if I do say so myself! *lifts jaw off of the ground*

The moment I arrived, everyone was already in full party mode & ready to get the day rolling. But I mean, can you blame them? After a month of straight rain (literally y'all), it was one of the best weather days we'd had had in a while. And plus everyone in Stephanie & James' wedding party were super laid back & photogenic. A perfect combo in my book!

After a traditional Filipino ceremony, we headed over to the reception, but not before I snagged Steph & James for a few minutes for some alone time. James is a car enthusiast so it was only fitting that he had his sweet ride with him that day. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to not include his wheels so it was only fitting to have their portraits around it. And boy, did they KNOCK it out! How incredible do these two look?!

Without a doubt, I wouldn't have wanted to end my summer season with any other wedding. These guys are absolute sweethearts & I'm so happy they asked me to help join them in their big day. Congrats you guys! You're finally MARRIED!

However, in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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