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The Bell Family - A Greenwell Family Session

Fall is the best season for portraits (in my opinion) simply because of ALL the colors nature throws at us! Does it honestly get any better!? The only downfall is, fall is SUPER close to winter & in Maryland, that means it's fair game for temps to drop. And I mean DROP! Haha Mix in some hefty gusts of wind & you're basically ready to stay in all day with hot chocolate & a marathon of Hallmark Christmas movies! But y'all! The Bell family SHOWED UP! *insert clapping hand emojis* Hahaha

We had their session planned for a solid month & we were determined to knock it out. The weather started playing with us a bit, giving us rain & a winter tease with temps as we got closer to their session date, but boy oh boy did they rock it! The only thing not showing are the shivers happening in front of (and behind) the camera! Haha

It was definitely COLD for a November session but I give major credit to the Bell family for sticking it out & rocking it like the rockstars they are! And their sense of humor was incredible for it! Haha I had a complete blast with them & I'm super pumped to get these back to them all soon!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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