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Raquel & Tyler - A St. Inigoes Engagement Session

The only thing that's getting me through the idea of fall ending are all of these incredible sessions my couples & families are CRUSHING! And I mean, this light & foliage are pretty much everything right now too. It also doesn't hurt that I'm basically photographing gorgeous couples like Raquel & Tyler. Uh HELLO!? Are these guys not giving A-List celebrities a run for their money or nah?

One key for a successful engagement session (or any session) is to bring yourself. Yup. You read that right! YOU! The only way you're going to really enjoy the images (and experience) afterwards is if you both stay true to yourself. Pinterest is FULL of so many ideas but the one thing it can't provide are the unique characteristics you have personally. No amount of "homemade signs & champagne pops inspo" photos can show off the real "you."

Moments after warming up in front of the camera, Raquel & Tyler instantly relaxed & soon after, all three of us could NOT stop cracking jokes! It probably didn't help that we're all hot messes & so goes life! Hahaha But really though, I'm SCREAMING at my computer the entire time going through their images & you can probably understand why! UGH

I'll be handing these bad boys off to the both of them very soon & I can't wait for them to show them off in their home, reliving this super fun session over and over again!

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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