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Delia & Steve - A Bluemont Vineyard Engagement Session

I cherish all of my couples that entrust me to capture one of the biggest (and most exciting) days in their lives. And I cherish them even more when they're my own family! Leading up to their wedding days, I get to meet up with each of them beforehand to hold an engagement session, mostly to break down any barriers with nerves & to help get them more comfortable in front of the camera (and my crazy self!). But when it's my own family, all is fair game! Meaning, I'm usually more brutally "honest" about instructing them & getting them to act SOMEWHAT "normal" on camera, all the while they're dishing back their own commentary & jokes right back at me! Something that is so outrageous (and so funny) to do with these two! Haha

Steve & I are cousins (if you weren't able to tell by the hairlines) & growing up, our entire family has always been so close with each other (and still are to this day). We'd attend each other sports games in school, eat together at EVERY holiday (totally still do), & we currently even all try to get together as much as possible outside of work life, when things eventually slow down (something that is next to impossible it seems). And when moments like weddings take place in our family, we get so excited for each other, as we're having the opportunity to watch another family member take a big step in their lives & the chance to allow someone new to join our family; something that had always been so dear to our grandparents as we all were growing up.

They say you can't choose your family but honestly, I wouldn't choose anyone else to grow up with, to joke & laugh with, to learn with, & to witness this special time in their lives with. Even if it means putting up with commentary from the peanut gallery, something our family seems to specialize in! Haha And we certainly can't wait to welcome Delia into this crew!

These guys are getting married at Bluemont Vineyard in August so it was only appropriate to hold their engagement session there. And we picked an incredible day, weather wise, for it! We had perfect blue skies, perfect temps with just the right amount of breeze, & the perfect amount of wine served after (the most important part right?). And I know their wedding day is going to be even better than this session, as impossible as it seems!

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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