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The Carter Family - A Greenwell Family Session

Okay you guys, all of my friends are growing into little families & I'm totally okay with it because I get to help capture sweet moments like this AND watch them all grow up! It's the best of both worlds, plus Jessica & Justin make some adorable kiddos which is even better! Haha

We finally found a break in all of our schedules to get together & we got to meet up at Greenwell to hang for a bit & finally catch up on all the gossip. It's just absolutely crazy how quickly time flies but it's definitely sweet to be able to finally all see each other after such a busy season of work.

Jessica & Justin also welcomed their newest bundle of joy a few weeks ago with their sweet daughter, Sophie; who is just FULL of facial expressions! Haha Mom & dad are completely in love (totally can't blame them) and big brother Jace is already stepping up to the plate to fulfill all brotherly duties.

So so so excited to share these images with them & to have them all delivered back so that they can look back & see how far they've all come. And just how precious their little family is becoming!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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