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Andrea & Grant - A Woodlawn Farm Engagement Session

AH! Is it me or is everyone these days looking like complete rockstars?! How awesome does Andrea & Grant look y'all? We FINALLY got to meet up for their engagement session at none other than their wedding venue & I was ALL up for it! Without any hesitation, these guys were crushing the entire thing, from one moment to the next. It probably helped that I was making them do crazy things one wouldn't do in real life, but hey! Anything to get that perfect shot, right? Haha

We had the PERFECT day for their session & their venue at Slack Winery (Woodlawn Farm) is super special, as it's the same place they'll be tying the know this time next year. How awesome is that? And that engagement glow is looking extra fly on Andrea (as well as on Grant too) Haha

I am absolutely STOKED to be handing off their images. And I just know their wedding is going to be nothing of incredible, given just sweet these two are.

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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