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Monique & Chris - A Charlotte Hall Engagement Session

It's SO exciting to be in the midst of planning & capturing the journey from engagement to the actual wedding for all of my couples, but it's even MORE exciting when you're capturing these moments for your close friends you've had the chance to grow up with. And that's the exact opportunity I've been gifted with, with Monique & Chris!

I've had the pleasure of knowing Monique for several years now (since I was back in middle school! (say what)) & it's been an absolute honor getting to know her fiancé, Chris, now too! And man oh man y'all, do these two just go hand & hand together or what!?

These two are set to tie the knot this August in front of family & friends and honestly, I cannot wait to see how incredible they are then if they're THIS incredible just at their engagement session, you know?! Just another MAGICAL session hitting the blog & I'm totally okay with it.

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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