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Heather & Bryan - A Newtowne Neck Engagement Session

Is it me or is it getting hotter out there nowadays? Honestly, that question be applied to either this weather currently OR my couples! Seriously you guys, look at how incredible Heather & Bryan are looking! And their fur baby Walter though?! He is as handsome as they get!

These guys are tying the knot in October & before we all know it, that day will finally be here but let's just take a moment to appreciate the GLOW they're giving us during their special engagement session. Oh, and can we also APPRECIATE Walter's puppy nose as a ring shelf for that ring shot! AH!

They were super nervous but honestly, you wouldn't even know it. Everyone is sweating bullets about 5 minutes prior & then BOOM, instant magic & it's got me thinking...... NERVOUS?! No way! AND they even ended the session in the perfect way with some nice little shots of Fireball, how do you go wrong with that, amirite? Haha I can't wait for them to celebrate & be able to look back SO soon!

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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