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The Sheldon & Nichalson Family - A Hollywood Family Session

I've had the chance to capture some awesome moments for all of my families to date and these guys fall right up there with some of the best you'll meet! We're going onto almost seven years (where does the time even go?) of knowing each other & it's always a blast getting to catch up when we're able to, after life goes haywire on all of our schedules! Haha

From capturing a wedding, a newborn, & now a toddler, the Sheldon & Nichalson families are still the same energetic crew as they were when I first met them & I wouldn't have them change for a single second. Their session was glowing with the essence of fall but the temps still had us running with the summer season, something I'm okay with as long as I get to keep those golden colors *inserts heart-eye emoji* ha

It's always a treat to see these guys when time allows & it's always fun reminiscing; something I enjoy doing with all of my families. It's bittersweet how quickly time flies by but it's more enjoyable when you have friends as sweet as these guys. Seriously!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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