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Caitlin & Travis - A Leonardtown Family Session

Ahh, sweet sweet fall! Before I go & jinx myself, I do believe that one of the best seasons is finally among us! And I rang it in PERFECTLY thanks to Caitlin, Travis, & their adorable mini family. Not to mention the EPIC school-bus conversion these guys have created! One of the COOLEST family sessions I've done so far for 2019 & it's finally LIVE on the blog!

I met up with these guys down in Leonardtown at the perfect spot to hang out & explore, not only the grounds, but their incredible "home away from home." I'm telling you WHAT y'all! Caitlin & Travis have worked their tails off & have redesigned this bus with so much more charisma & charm than it's ever seen before! I tried so hard to capture all of its glory, but honestly, pictures just don't do this piece of mobile artwork justice!

And as far as their little family, I'm not sure who comes in first place for attention: their doggo Bear or their sweet-eyed baby girl. It's a close-call for sure.

So stinking STOKED to share this with them & with you guys! I know they're thrilled with the way it's turning out & the adventures that await them on the road. If you want to see their journey, check them out on Instagram @lost_or_not_bus

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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