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Morgan & Tyler - A Calvert Cliffs Engagement Session

I love it when my couples are down to do something different or go somewhere entirely "new" for their engagement session. But let's face it, I might be biased buy ALL of my couples pretty much succeed in this department, especially when it comes down to hanging out with them in each of their sessions & making them to do some crazy stuff! And thankfully, Morgan & Tyler were game for just about anything, including embracing the wonders of Calvert Cliffs!

These guys ventured from all the way up north, almost 2 hours away, to hang out with me & my crazy self at Calvert Cliffs and to make a long story short, we pretty much had one of the BEST evenings EVER because 1) Morgan & Tyler are the bees knees (duh) 2) we pretty much had the entire beach & cliffs all to ourselves & 3) do you not SEE the goodness they're giving me?!

Not to mention that sunset! Holy cow you guys, these colors were so rich & vibrant & actually matched the second outfit they chose. And going a bit more "adventurous" for their engagement session, Morgan & Tyler are actually tying the knot with a very intimate ceremony out west surrounded by the INCREDIBLE landscape that is known as Grand Teton National Park *gasps from pure beauty* So it was only appropriate we hung out at CC!

Super excited to see how their special day unfolds for them next year but for now, let's just all bask in the sheer goodness of their engagement session

In the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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