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The Bennett Family - A Hollywood Family Session

Nothing beats the moment when one of your family sessions turns out to be a good friend from the past, while witnessing the growth of their own little family. And that was exactly the case for the Bennet's & myself. I've known Keri for almost 13 years now (throwing it back to middle-school/high-school days) & it's like we haven't missed a single beat since!

After we figured out our crazy schedules, we finally pinned down a date for their family session and the rest was history! And we hit Greenwell on the PERFECT day with cloudy skies & ALL the glorious fall colors nature could throw at us. And what's fall without a leaves? And I mean LOTS of leaves! Ha

These guys are the perfect trio & I'm slightly jealous of Ezra's energy. That little dude can go & go & go! There's no doubt he's keeping Keri & Noah on their toes at ALL times! Haha

We had so much to share with each other & I'm so thankful everything fell into place for us to meet up finally. It was definitely well worth the run around!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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