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The Hart Family - An Historic Fredericksburg Session

The progression of a love story is an incredible thing if you really sit down & think about it. It all starts with two people in love and from there, an entire new book quickly begins to be written. And with Morgan & Adam, I've had the sincerest pleasure of capturing their love story since the very beginning. A journey I am SO happy to have been (and continue to be) a part of. And from here, we enjoy the stages of the next chapter: baby fever!

Since their initial engagement years back, I've known these two from the start. And boy of BOY, have we had TONS of moments together haha In fact, I think I'm still trying to recover from their wedding last year! This winter, Morgan & Adam are expecting the arrival of their son, Ridge, & with fingers crossed, he'll make his special appearance early because Morgan is just about ready to pop him out! Ha It's been quite the journey for these two up until this point but I know God has (and continues to) bless them all throughout these next fun-filled, memorable years ahead!

After meeting up with them in Fredericksburg, VA, we had one the best times exploring the historic side of the city while capturing the sheer beauty of the trees & colors all around us. It's a close tie between the glow up but I'm pretty sure Morgan is in the front, up in first place! And uh, I'm like PRETTY sure Daisy girl is a close second! This dog was ALL for snuggles & playtime and honestly, so was I! Haha

So so SO stinking stoked to finally share these images with not only them but for their family as well. It's without a doubt an exciting time, mixed with baby fever & the holidays surrounding us. And I'm thrilled to wish them an early "congrats" as their family goes from 2 to 3!

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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