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The Underwood Family - A St. Mary's City Session

We're officially counting down the days until Christmas & as crazy it may seem, I'm SO excited! But I'm not nearly as excited than I am to have the opportunity to share these next few blog posts with you guys & to showcase these awesome families I've come to adore even more. First up is the SWEET Underwood family & my heart is currently overflowing with mass amounts of joy because the cuddles are real with these guys!

We're going onto 2 years since I've gotten to know Lindsay, Don, & sweet Alice & I can't BELIEVE how grown up she has become since our last session together. Alice is making herself well known in the family with her style & grace that only growing kids can have & her "smile" is only okay because of that! HA

I love these guys so much & I'm so excited to have been able to document a new year for them all. So much continues to change so it's awesome to stop time for a moment & capture all that we're able to a little session. And to top it ALL off, we legit (and I kid you not) had one of THE most insane SOMD sunsets to date! You already KNOW I'm dropping that bad boy down below too! Ha

However in the meantime, thanks for reading & enjoy these images!

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